Insurance claims.

When you think of a property damage insurance claim, what might come to your mind,  is to think of some huge catastrophic loss, Such as, a tornado or a hurricane. A fact to note is that in most cases, the damage is far less dramatic and that even small, seemingly minor damage has the potential to be covered by your insurance company.

Most homeowners have no idea whether or not they have any storm related damage to there home, nor do they understand the process of getting that damage, rectified, fixed and / or replaced. That’s where we at Roco Roofing come in. With years of experience in the roofing & insurance industry, We specialize in assisting residential & commercial clients through the insurance claim process, from start to finish.

From wind damaged creased shingles, to missing shingles, or shingles that have major granule loss and destruction to the matting from a possible hail strike. It may relieve you to know, that you may be eligible for a full roof replacement, paid for by your insurance company, depending on the extent of the roofs damage.

We at Roco Roofing work diligently to ensure our clients get the proper coverage for any storm related damaged structures, and that the extent of any restoration is covered by their insurance.


  1. We will come out to your home and do a full 16-point exterior inspection of the premises to evaluate the extent of the storm damage.
  2. If viable storm damage is found, we will assist you in calling out a claim with your insurance company, documenting all the damage that we assessed,
  3. Once the claim is set up & the insurance claims adjuster has a date set to come out to the property to see the damage. We will meet the insurance adjuster on site, to ensure all relevant damage is documented, looked over, and taken into consideration for replacement.
  4. If the storm damage is determined to be covered, we will then go over all necessary paperwork & the repair  estimate that the insurance company provided.
  5. Once all that is completed, it’s now time to look over all the material sample options, and start getting excited to see the finished product, once all the renovations are complete.