Installation of new roofs:

We re-convert your home into a great look on the outside by rendering a complete roofing package. We completely tear off the old and existing roof and then recreate a full new look on your structure. We make great use of new and up to date roofing materials with dynamic installation techniques which are in vogue. When completed, you get to take advantage of our fantastic craftsmanship warranty, along with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. We help to register your roof with the manufacturer, and ensure that your new roof meets all current building code requirements.

Roof repair:

Do you have a leaky roof and / or have lost shingles due to a weather related event? If so,  we at Roco roofing are here to help. It is imperative that you maintain your roof with general upkeep, doing this, better helps ensure the life of your roof system as a whole. Observing periodic roof maintenance is also critical to helping you insulate your home and it helps protect your roof from the harsh Mid-West weather. This importance also plays out by disallowing damage whenever water gets in. If that happens, it can make your roof rot, cause water leaks, cause mold in your attic, and also damage your living areas.

Siding Installation

We help home owners appreciate what they have, as they love that they can work with us to repair a few simple pieces of siding, all the way to completing a full exterior siding renovation. We work closely with a variety of siding manufacturing to bring the best quality siding products to our customers, while assisting them in choosing the best fit and value for there budget.

Gutter Installation

We render a full turn key gutter service. We replace all existing gutters where applicable and when jobs are complete, we haul away any debris, old gutter systems, etc. We install any inch size of seamless aluminum gutters with a wide color selection range. All our seamless gutter services are client-built on-site to make sure that these gutters fit the roof eaves properly.